Don't Overpay for your Next Deal!

If you’ve spent any time with me, you know I like to rehab and hold properties. I talk about the BRRR strategy all. the. time! One thing that can kill your plans to “BRRR” a property is overpaying in the first place. 

So here, I’ve created a spreadsheet with built in calculations for you to plug in your numbers, and generate your maximum allowable offer!

Get out there, make great offers, and snag some great deals!

Ready to live free and build wealth?

Hi there! 

I’m Chiagozie Fawole – A pediatric Anesthesiologist, busy mom, and Real Estate Investor. During residency I “discovered” the gem in Real Estate investing while watching an episode of Flip or Flop. Those guys made my entire annual salary in ONE episode! I was hooked. 

I determined that “whatever they were doing, I would pursue.”

But then the roadblocks came: 

I didn’t have the money 

I didn’t have the time

I certainly didn’t know how to start! 

Nonetheless, one foot in front of the other, I took action. In spite of residency, not having loose cash stashed away, moving for fellowship, having two babies, and starting out as a new attending, by March 2020 we had built our portfolio to 27 units. 

Now, I like to help other doctors GET STARTED – to grow their assets and generate enough income to give them OPTIONS in medicine!

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Podcast Feature

On Episode 76 of the Millennial Real Estate Investor Podcast, I shared about how I got started investing in Real Estate as a resident. it was quite some fun. Click to listen.

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