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Go from wishing and thinking about investing, to doing deals and collecting cash!

Are you a physician on the brink of burnout, but REALLY don’t have other decent income options? 

Did COVID-19 totally shake up your concept of job security in Medicine?

Are you concerned you don’t have enough cash-flowing assets built up for retirement or a rainy-day?

Are you ready to do something about it?

Imagine NOT getting worried about what changes were happening at work because you had decent income coming from assets YOU controlled.

Imagine finding money in your bank account you didn’t have to take extra call for, miss a kid’s game, or even pay additional taxes on…

Money from your cash-flowing rentals

Would that mean...

Cutting back hours at work? Having more time for the family? Finally picking up that hobby you abandoned?

Okay, you’re ready to run out there and buy that first property…

but then the questions hit… 

What do I buy?”

“How do I know it won’t be a money-pit?”

“With all that’s going on, will Real Estate Crash??”

There can be a lot of confusion when you’re getting started investing in Real Estate – not to mention apprehension from all the horror stories you hear. 

If you don’t have a plan to follow, you can make some truly EXPENSIVE mistakes.

That is why I created my  step-by-step implementation program, EMPIRE ACCELERATOR.

Introducing Empire Accelerator

The SavvyDoc Empire Accelerator is a 12-month implementation program designed for PHYSICIANS, to show you how to find, fund, and profitably scale a cash-flowing rental property portfolio . This will help you create wealth, and get you closer to doing medicine on your terms!


What's Included in Empire Accelerator?

Access to the 12-Month Empire Accelerator Program & Curriculum

Your first year as an investor can be the most thrilling. From taking the initial leap to get that first property, to navigating unexpected roadblocks, to experiencing the thrill of the first rent-check! It can be scary, but can also be a time of massive growth when done well. In my first year, I got 3 properties, totaling 14 rental units – having not had a ton of cash just sitting around, and moving between cities (ending residency and starting fellowship). We’ll be working through how you can do this, and MORE, as you progress through the phases below. 

Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Chiagozie

Our weekly calls are power-packed, implementation sessions, where we tackle any questions or roadblocks you’re encountering as you implement the material you’re learning. We work through deals together, and truly support you as you figuratively put “one brick on top of the other” to build your Empire!

Private, Member-only Online Community

Iron sharpens Iron! Join a community of like-minded physicians, working towards a goal like yours. On the Facebook group you can ask questions between coaching calls, post deal details you need answers to on-the-fly. Just priceless!

Tools, Sample Documents and Resources

You get access to the spreadsheets I use for my deals, resource lists, and sample documents I’ve used for my deals. You also get checklists for different phases, to ensure you’re not missing anything. 

Go from Learning to Doing

Phases of Empire Accelerator

Phase 1: The Foundation 

During this phase you learn and work through the nuts and bolts of the deal.  

  • – Setting up your LLC
  • – Picking a Niche 
  • – Picking a Location 
  • – Finding, Vetting and
  • – Funding your first or next deal

Phase 2: The Systems

This phase is focused on setting up your processes to get your next deals rolling: 

  • – Systems for Deal Flow: finding off-market deals
  • – Systems for Funding: recycling cash, partnerships, creative funding strategies
  • – Systems for Rehab

This way you break free from your wallet, and can literally spot a deal, make an offer, and figure out the funding!

Phase 3: Amplify

At this point your focus is on growing your portfolio and/or cash-flow based on the goals YOU set. 

  • – Cash-flow maximizing strategies 
  • – Establishing authority in your network both for deal-flow and partnerships.  

Another SavvyDoc Success Story

Empire Accelerator is for you whether you've never done a Real Estate Deal before, or if you stumbled upon your first rental property and now need a framework to get profitable and scale up

We are currently accepting applications for physicians who are ready to start building real cash-flowing assets to either supplement their income now, grow their asset base, or amplify their retirement savings … physicians who are ready to take action.

 If you’re ready to stop wasting your time, risking your money on free blog posts and YouTube Videos, and get the foundational training and support to make solid moves… apply now!

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